Migrate users from WoWonder to Kontackt.
!IMPORTANT!. Do not refresh your page.
Your database hostYour wowonder database nameYour database userYour database passwordYour wowonder `users` table name

Migrating users

In the below text, we will guide you how to migrate, Please follow the steps from bellow:
  1. Go to www.db4free.net to create your database (account)
  2. After you have created your database, please upload your wowonder table `Wo_Users` as ZIP [.zip]
  3. Now you have your db4free.net phpmyadmin credential, just enter in the left form.
  4. Click Migrate now and wait, the proccess may take a while, please be patient.
  5. Download your database.
  6. Go to your Kontackt phpmyadmin and delete your `users` table, and upload this one you have downloaded from here.
  7. Done!